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New York Hard Money Loans – When you need to close fast & can’t get a bank loan due to bad credit. We can help, we  do private money loans in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut.

New York Hard Money Lenders
Fast Closing 5 – 21 Days

What Are Hard Money Loans:

Hard money loans, are time sensitive loans that need to be funded very fast in 5 to 14 days which local banks do not do, they are higher risk loans that local banks . They are asset based loans collaterized by real estate. The private lenders makes decisions based primarily on the value of property and usually don’t base it on your credit score in case you have bad credit.

10 Reasons Borrowers Use Private Money Loans:

  1. OPM – Use other peoples money to make more money
  2. Real estate investors who buy, fix, flip properties
  3. A need for commercial hard money loans
  4. Quick funding for time sensitive real estate deals
  5. Bank loan credit denial
  6. Approved by bank but too slow funding & can’t wait
  7. Seeking short term bridge loans
  8. Stop tax liens, foreclosure, building violations
  9. Builders – dealers in 1-4 family
  10. Buyers of Foreclosures, REO’s & Short Sales

Examples Of Common Hard Money Loans:

Residential & commercial hard money loans
Construction hard money loans
Bridge loans
Church loans
Rehab loans
Acquisition loans
Stop foreclosure loans

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